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Come make with us! Open house to celebrate official partnership between MakerWorkshop and AeroAstro!

    Open House Times: Wednesday, January 25th 2023, 4-5:30

    Where: 35-122

    Who should come: anyone in the AeroAstro community!

    Reasons to come: food, people, tools, and some previous projects made in the shop, learn about what access to this shop means to you 🙂

    Excited to be around a community of makers/? Awesome, so are we! Consider joining us as a mentor. You get 24/7 shop access, more time around the MWS community, and unique learning/teaching opportunities. We have mentors from all backgrounds and levels of previous experience, so don’t worry if you’re not sure if you’ve done enough.

    Can’t make it? Don’t worry we’ll have another open house first week of the Sp23 semester. Also, feel free to email us (mw-exec [at]

    More info: It’s official!! MakerWorkshop and Course 16 now have an official agreement. MWS is open to all Course 16 affiliates (students, staff, students who work with Course 16 faculty, the list goes on!) We’re having open houses to celebrate. There will be food, fellowship, and fun times. Come swing by and hear what we’re about while nomming some food. We’ll run some new user onboarding during the open houses so if you decide you want to join you can get registered the same day.

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