Maker Monday Orientation

Maker Monday is MIT MakerWorkshop’s orientation for students, faculty, and staff to become members. After attending, members are allowed to use the space. To gain access to machines, users need to attend that Machine’s Specific Training.

Time & Location:

Maker Monday occurs on Mondays (see side bar for time and location) except on institute and federal holidays.

User Eligibility:

To be eligible to access the MakerWorkshop’s physical space you must be allowed on campus through the MIT CovidPass system, but note that you can be a member of the MakerWorkshop community and take part in virtual events even if you are not able to access the physical space.


To be eligible to become a member of the shop, students, faculty, and staff must satisfy at least one of the following requirements:

  • Be a MakerWorks mentor (applications to become a mentor occur twice a year)
  • Be affiliated with Course 2 (Mechanical Engineering) or in a Course 2 class
  • Be affiliated with Course 16 (AeroAstro) or in a Course 16 class
  • Be a member of our sister shop, MIT ProtoWorks at the Martin Trust Center
  • Be a member of D-Lab or in a D-Lab class
  • Be a freshman in MIT MakerLodge who has filled out this application and been accepted

Note that mentors, members of D-Lab, and members of ProtoWorks do not have to be Course 2 or Course 16 affiliated to use our space! If you are interested in becoming a mentor you can fill out this form or email [mw-exec (at) mit (dot) edu] and we’ll make sure to email you when the next round of applications goes out!


Maker Monday covers the following material:

  • The MIT MakerWorkshop philosophy: Model, Make, and Measure
  • Expectations & Safety: shop rules, member conduct, and safety training specific to MIT MakerWorkshop
  • Community: meet mentors on duty and fellow users

Contact Us

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Email the webmaster:

mw-webmaster (at) mit [dot] edu


Email the executive committee:

mw-exec (at) mit [dot] edu