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Maker Monday Orientation

Time & Location

Mondays (5-6PM) Room 37-212 

except on institute and federal holidays. Maker Monday can also done ad hoc when the shop is open and a mentor is available. Drop by the shop or email mw-exec (at) 

Maker Monday covers the following material:

  • The MIT MakerWorkshop philosophy: Model, Make, and Measure
  • Expectations & Safety: shop rules, member conduct, and safety training specific to MIT MakerWorkshop
  • Community: meet mentors on duty and fellow users

User Eligibility:

To be eligible to become a member of the shop, students, faculty, and staff must satisfy at least one of the following requirements:

  • Be a MakerWorks mentor (applications to become a mentor occur twice a year)
  • Be affiliated with Course 2 (Mechanical Engineering) or in a Course 2 class
  • Be affiliated with Course 16 (AeroAstro) or in a Course 16 class
  • Be a member of our sister shop, MIT ProtoWorks at the Martin Trust Center (do NOT need course 2 or 16 affiliation)
  • Be a member of D-Lab or in a D-Lab class (do NOT need course 2 or 16 affiliation)
  • Be a first-year in MIT MakerLodge who has filled out this application and been accepted (do NOT need course 2 or 16 affiliation)