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Machine Specific Training


After becoming a member during Maker Monday, Machine Specific Training allows members to use the other machines in MIT MakerWorkshop. Once members have completed the specific training for a machine, they receive a sticker for their badge, allowing them to use that specific machine.


Sign-Up Sheet:

Please refer to this sign-up sheet to register for a training. Make sure you’re on the correct week tab and not on a previous week.


Machine Specific Trainings:

Please use the training sign-up sheet below to schedule your trainings for most machines.  If the machine you are interested in getting training for is blacked out and instructs you to reach out to the machine teams directly please reach out to the machine teams using the machine team emails in the sidebar.    

Training Pre-Reading:

Required reading before each training can be found here: Training Session Information


Missing Training Policy:

A sign-up for a training must be cancelled before 7PM on the day before the scheduled training. Under extraneous circumstances, a sign-up can be canceled last minute with a warning email (we are human too). Members who do cancel will receive a flag and after 2 flags, will not be allowed to sign up for machine specific trainings for the next 6 months.


Additional Sign-Up Information for Mill & Lathe:


MIT MakerWorkshop does not support training on the mill and lathe from scratch. Formal outside training is required to use the mill and lathe. The spirit is that we teach you how to use our mill/lathe, but we can’t reasonably teach everyone how to use these machines from scratch. The following count as formal outside training:

  • One of the following classes: 2.670 & 2.810 (flashlight version),

  • MIT flashlight course at an MIT machine shop (such as Edgerton, LMP, Pappalardo, etc.),

  • Flashlight equivalent course at another university for graduate students, faculty, and staff