Machine Specific Training

After becoming a member during Maker Monday, Machine Specific Training allows members to use the other machines in MIT MakerWorkshop. Once members have completed the specific training for a machine, they receive a sticker for their badge, allowing them to use that specific machine.

New Reservation System During Covid-19:

In order to adhere to covid-19 precautions access to the MakerWorkshop will be running differently for the foreseeable future.  Reservations for an occupancy in the shop as well as for the specific machine you plan to use will be required.  For example, if you plan to use a 3D printer you must reserve an occupancy in the front room as well as time on the 3D printer.  Bookkit will be used for this scheduling.  Please reach out to ebo (at) mit [dot] edu to request to be added to the Bookkit system.  

Machine Specific Trainings During Covid-19:

Machine Specific Trainings might be possible but will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Trainings might be possible when a member requires training on, and use of, a specific machine for their research.  Please reach out to the machine team of the specific machine you are interested in receiving training on to discuss whether or not a training is possible.  Machine Teams can be contacted via email using the email addresses found near the bottom of the Quick Information side bar.

Please note that trainings can not be guaranteed.  Any trainings which do occur will strictly follow all of MIT’s covid-19 precautions.   

Training Pre-Reading:

Required reading before each training can be found here: Training Session Information

Missing Training Policy:

A sign-up for a training must be cancelled before 7PM on the day before the scheduled training. Under extraneous circumstances, a sign-up can be canceled last minute with a warning email (we are human too). Members who do cancel will receive a flag and after 2 flags, will not be allowed to sign up for machine specific trainings for the next 6 months.

Additional Sign-Up Information for Mill & Lathe:

MIT MakerWorkshop does not support training on the mill and lathe from scratch. Formal outside training is required to use the mill and lathe. The following count as formal outside training:

  • One of the following classes: 2.670 & 2.810 (flashlight version),
  • MIT flashlight course at an MIT machine shop (such as Edgerton, LMP, Papalardo, etc.),
  • Flashlight equivalent course at another university for graduate students, faculty, and staff

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